Reed & Ashton Masterson are Nationally Touring, Award Winning Illusionists, that bring a whole new meaning to the term Magic Show. With their Signature Rockstar Style, and “Larger than Life Personalities” in high demand, this pair spends more time on stage than off.

The Mastersons - 21st Century Magic | Nationally Touring Illusionists

Since the couple’s first show together (which just so happened to sell out) in Oct. 2008, they have been seen live by over 100,000 witnesses spanning 46 states. They’ve performed for numerous celebrities, have been featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, THE CW, and just recently performed for a studio audience of 1,000 during the filming of an A&E television special.

Their “Fast Paced & Edgy Brand of Magic”  has been a “Smash Hit”  at College Campuses, Performing Arts Centers, and Corporate Events across America. With years of experience, this Tag-Teaming Magical Twosome have taken everything you thought you knew, about a Magician & His Lovely Assistant, and thrown it out the window. Logging 40,000 miles per year with well over 1,000 shows under their belt, they have been dubbed, “The Magic Duo of the 21st Century.”

Reed says, “It is our mission to provide each audience with what Dillard’s referred to as “A Truly Interactive Experience.”  They do this, by packing each performance full of Brain-Bending New Age Illusions, Highly Trained Rescue Animals, Ridiculous Stunts,

The Mastersons | Award Winning Illusionists & 
Magicians | Power Couple | Animal Parents

Breath-Taking Escapes, Audience Participation, and just “The Absolute Correct Amount of Comedic Relief.”  But that’s not all, each of their routines are precisely timed and choreographed to a dynamic, theatrical soundtrack that heightens the senses, and blends every element perfectly into a “Phenomenal, Vegas Quality Show!”

The Mastersons - 21st Century Magic | Nationally Touring Illusionists

When Reed isn’t performing his Award-Winning Dove Act, Ashton is center stage presenting her rendition of what has been called “The Most Beautiful Linking Ring Routine I have Ever Seen.”  They both share the title of Lead Role, but Ashton is very much the silent partner. She never speaks during the show, making her ability to command an audience much more impressive.

Now even though they work 24/7/365 and practically live out of their truck, and the occasional hotel room, the duo takes every chance they get to head home to KY, relax, and spend time with family and friends. Unfortunately, those opportunities are rare but “being able to do what you love and share that passion with the world, is so worth it,”  says Reed.

When it comes to the business these two have many titles. Like Ashton says, “The business side of Show Business is why we get paid. Performing is a bonus.”  Believe me when I tell you, that statement couldn’t be closer to the truth. The many talents this couple possess are incredible and extend far beyond the stage.

Reed Masterson | Escape Artist
Graphic Designer | Marketing Specialist

Reed is the Creative Mind behind their brand. He conceptualizes and designs all their promotional and marketing graphics. This includes their Website, Show Posters, Business Cards, Logo, and all other forms of print and digital marketing material. If you see any graphics advertising their show in any way, rest assured Reed designed it. This also includes their merchandising, like Magic Kits, T-Shirts, Lanyards, and Bracelets. But his creative juices don’t stop flowing there. Reed also remixes, and edits the dynamic, theatrical soundtrack you hear in each show. He designs and programs their intelligent lighting sequences, and with Ashton’s help, trains their beautiful rescue animals. Ashton also assists in the design and construction of most of their props and illusions.

The Mastersons - 21st Century Magic | Nationally Touring Illusionists

Speaking of Ashton, her long list of talents in no way go unnoticed. She creates their booking agreement contracts, invoices, and tax forms. She is the team’s accountant and financial guru, keeping track of their incoming and outgoing finances year to year. This includes employee payroll, withholding taxes, tracking mileage, categorizing expenses and more, so that everything is ready for tax season. And yes, they complete and file their own taxes.

When she’s not wearing her accounting hat, she’s creating engaging social media content, keeping the fans informed with a monthly newsletter, and making sure the ‘on the road essentials’ are in order. Along with that she updates their tour schedule and itinerary, loves on their animal children, develops her professional skills as a makeup artist, eats pizza, and helps keep Reed awake while he drives them across the country. Okay, so apparently that last part was a little untrue. In Reed’s exact words, “That’s an Outright Lie, as soon as her butt hits the passenger seat, she passes out! On our 13-hour drive to New York, she was awake 40 minutes tops.”

Ashton Masterson | Makeup Artist
Model | Accountant

So, when Ashton is awake and they’re not role-playing as truck driver, accountant, marketing specialist, production designer, makeup artist, graphic designer, animal trainer, and illusion/set builder, they are a couple. Being together 24/7/365 for the past 11 years, they have officially spent more time with each other than with their parents. They both agree that there is definitely no plans for human kids in their future, but plenty of room for their fur/feathered babies. If you keep up with them on their Social Media accounts, you will meet all 15.

Now, if you’re still reading this novel of a bio, you have more than likely realized that this “Power Couple”  have an unquenchable thirst for success, a drive for entrepreneurial freedom, and a fiery passion for the performing arts that is indescribable with words. I think Howard Mincone hit it out of the park when he said...

"They will definitely be A Force in this Business for Years to Come.”  -Howard Mincone: World renowned Juggler and Physical Comedian.